Silver Cloud 1/72 Hawker P.1083 ‘Supersonic Hunter’ conversion


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Early design work on a successor to the Hunter began late in 1951, aiming to bring the performance of the original design in line with newer types such as the North American F-100 Super Sabre. First flight of the newly designed ‘Super Hunter’ was planned for the middle of 1953, and to speed progress the new aircraft was to feature redesigned wings, tail surfaces and an afterburning Avon engine, matted to the original P.1067 (the prototype airframe that later became the Hawker Hunter) fuselage. The forth P.1067, WN470 was selected to be the proof of concept prototype.

With the end of the Korean War and defence cut backs that followed, the Royal Air Force showed interest in a non-afterburning development of the in service Hunter design, with a more economic fuel burn, and subsequently the project was officially cancelled in July of 1953. Parts of the partially completed prototype (including the forward fuselage) were used to build the Hawker P.1099 under serial XF833, which was to become the prototype Hunter F.6. Had the design been allowed to develop to its full potential, it could have gone into service with not only with the Royal Air Force, but also with existing European Hunter customers such as Denmark who went on to buy the Super Sabre, or Belgium, Sweden, Holland and perhaps other NATO countries that instead chose US and French aircraft types to supersede their Hawker equipment.

This conversion set is designed for use with the Revell Hunter FGA.9 base kit (not included). Parts included are based on scale drawings in British Experimental Jet Aircraft by Barry Hygate, and depict the original prototype at first flight. Includes new resin swept wings, tail-planes, tailpipe, NACA intake and a small decal sheet including black codes for unfinished prototype WN470 (use roundels and stencilling from Revell kit decal sheet). For the initial batch we have also included a set of our Hunter improved undercarriage main wheels and nose leg, to improve the undersized Revell kit parts. Image shows built up model by Andy Davies.

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